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Hot & Crispy Packaging

Eat on the go and grab on the go are the main topics nowadays catching more and more attention.  


—With H&C you will get happy customers with  no mess, eating out of a bag


Bag will retain core temperature of hot/warm fast food products for 10 – 15 minutes

while retaining the crust as well.


Due to the double wall perforated construction the moister will evaporate

while the heat will remain inside.


—Next Generation - Packaging that offers convenience, hygiene  and value


Specific paper combinations are preventing grease migration. Will not stain or discolour with grease or moister contact. 


While not sacrificing the core heat temperature environmentally friendly, 100% paper


All paper bags are food contact approved and are completely

biodegradable & compostable.


Applications: Hot sandwiches, Paninis, Pizza, Hot Subs, French Fries, Pies, Grilled Chicken etc. 

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