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Miba, we think outside the BAG

Miba has worldwide experience developing Paper Coated bags and reels for the Baking Industry as well as knowledge of the Equipment and Closure systems required for their production. 


Our Standards:  

We are operating under strict standards as far as food safety from biological, chemical and physical hazards.

We reduce risks to a safe levels by operating and utilizing      BRC & FSC     standards.

Our Essence

Innovation - Providing innovative environmentally friendly packaging solutions


Focus - Concentrating on packaging solutions for bakeries. We aim to leverage our know-how from Europe into the North American market


Being close to our customers - Miba maintains min/max agreements and stores bags in North American  warehouses for our customers. 

Variety - a wide set of unique packaging solutions to all types of breads and other bakery products, including:MAP, ambient, frozen, par-baked,  thaw & serve, freezer-to-oven and/or microwave 


Styling - From one color and up to 8 colors Flexo printing . Endless opportunities to packaging designers with line screen of up to 220 lines per inch

Value added - Coated, laminated, mono, or multiple layers are all in our product portfolio, assuring the right  barrier and appearance for our customers

Global  Player - Miba Star is a market leader and innovator in high quality flexible packaging, serving many of the largest bakeries in Europe and North America



Look for our FSC     certified products

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