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Our Service and Delivery


We are proud to commit (for new products) to a lead time of 2-3 weeks from art approval & PO

Once bags are ready, customer may choose from the following options:


  1. Overnight:  shipment to any zip code in North America (partial or full quantity)

  2. Five day air: air service to any zip code in North America

  3. Sea+ land: 6-8 weeks delivery to our warehouse or direct to the bakery


We have lots of experience with supply chain through min/max programs to major bakeries in North America

We send weekly containers of packaging to North America


Traceability  – we trace shipments 24/7 and we send weekly reports on stock levels


Monitoring – we closely monitor levels of inventory and offer to boost/decrease levels according to managed history


Warehouse - our products are stored at the montreal facility for all North American customers

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