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Miba's innovations demonstrate our passion to create and bring to market new packaging solutions .


Using state of the art machines enables us to innovate and introduce state of the art sophisticated packaging solutions.


Our in depth know how of the markets' we operate in , and our global presence ensures that our products will highly contribute to our customers.


The added value we strive to bring to our customers through innovation is second to none.


We often start by asking our customers : where would you like to be in the next few years as far as packaging ? By listening to our customers we adapt

New concepts and  we materialize both economically and technically .


Ecological concerns are also taken into consideration – we do it through source reduction . while we offer lower substances we will not compromise on barrier and quality.   


Our customers can benefit from our dedication and extensive experience since we operate in different markets worldwide while using both plastic, paper , aluminum and many other substances.


We laminate, coat and print with three difference technics in order to bring best solutions for each project. 
We can choose for each project  the best suitable solution since we have three disciplines as far as printing….. Water , Solvent or UV inks  are being used.


Using our own  sophisticated Flexo printing machines (up to 8 colors) we can implement the most sophisticated designs – we use printing screen of 220 line per inch!


Value added services:


  •  We supply die lines and we support the design process from A to Z.

  • We develop special film constructions to achieve best results as far as looks, barrier, and feel of the materials

  • We have a kitchen and a test facility so customers can send food and we analyze best packaging solution needed for each item

  • Laminating, printing, slitting and bag  production are done with the highest level of quality control


A regular procedure at Miba:


  • Package development  - we identify customers' needs and offer a solution from our array of available solution or we start with new package development


  • Selecting materials -  We offer extensive variety of films, papers and coatings while defining customer needs


  • Printing  - We offer Flexo print at the highest quality . Matt or glossy ,  one or 8 colors , vanish and many other options are available


  • Adaptation – while customers can choose between premade bags or automatic packaging we will ensure compatibility on all levels



No matter if you choose an existing product that needs a boost or you look to create a new packaging solution we will entertain your needs while observing the economical/ sustainable prospective and we will offer ideal and reliable packaging solutions for your goods.  


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