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Automatic Packaging

Freshness paper


This special Freshness Paper    maintains 

the proper balance of air and moisture to help keep artisan style breads fresher, longer and keeping the characteristics of artisan bread during the time of consumption. With the perforated window the crust stays crisp while the crumb remains soft.


Cost effective packaging solutions. Flow Wrapping allows to pre-pack bread and other baked prodcuts at the bakery .Customers can simply take out of the package and put on the shelf or in oven. No need for special equipment . Roll stock works on most flow wrap machines.

Through its unique combination of materials this window packaging can go from freezer/ refrigerator to oven and/ or microwave.
Tailored solution for each customer or product by perforating or non perforating the materials according to expected results.


This packaging represents the next generation of food packaging that offers

convenience and value.

Through its unique combination of materials this window. Packaging can go from freezer/refrigerator to oven and microwave.


The classy wicketed bag now also with coated paper and shrink options​. Natural look and shelf life,  for both sliced and non sliced breads can be offered by paper laminated wicketed bags, to fit consumers wantsClear polyolefin shrink film. Works best on GHD machines, with the special clip from Kwik lok


Biodegradable & Compostable film and

laminates derived from wood pulp & PLA

made of annually renewable resources.

Completely biodegradable into water and CO2.


our unique solutions for microwave packaging  are second to none.

The film is constructed in a way which will allow baked products to become crispy and  brown . packaging will absorb the micro waves and transfrm them into radient heat .Any microwave will preform as a reular oven thanks to this special technology!

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