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Microwaveable Film for baked goods

Our Flexible packaging solutions  will  turn your microwave into conventional oven !


Instead of using an oven you can use microwave (at home, office or on the go )  which shortens the time with no compromise on quality


Baked goods will stay crusty and even become brown due to the special film technology


This unique film can be printed in up to 8 colors to achieve the most sophisticated designs


Miba's  microwaveable films are designed for freezer to microwave use.


  • We do offer perforations or another  system which will allows cooking and reheating without  removing the food from the packaging.

  • MAP  -  Modified atmosphere packaging allows the product to stay chilled until being used  for long time periods  

  • The sealing layer is designed for exceptional seals even with your current existing flow pack machines – no need for new equipment

  • Designed for baked goods from freezer of even chilled conditions

  • Up to 8 color printing capacities with water, solvent or UV inks.


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