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Thermoforming Paper Tray 

ImpaQ Thermoforming paper trays - 90% Pulp based 
High barrier thermoforming paper based films for MAP TFFS applications


- ImpaQ packaging is certified as recyclable in the paper stream        bottom & lid by PTS, Interseroh, Aticelca CTP and Cyclos-HTP


- No need to separate lid from tray as they should be recycled  together without separation


- Compostable version is certified by TUV


- Option to print in four dimension’s


- High barrier properties


- Can be used on standard thermoforming machines

- Adjusted sealing by demand


- Wide selection of compatible paper lidding films including die cuts

Package with Product_5.png
Loading Area with Product_3.png



- Excellent for meats, cold cuts, cheeses, fish or bakery in MAP

- Extended shelf life same as plastic Food contact

- Produced in compliance with European, BfR & FDA food packaging regulations

- Suitable for dry, aqueous & fatty foods

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