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Freshness  Paper          


This special paper maintains the proper balance of air and moisture to help keep artisan style breads fresher,longer. With the perforated window the crust stays crisp while the crumb remains soft. You and your customers will see and taste the



We encourage you to test for yourself. The best and fastest way to illustrate the benefit of our bags over current packaging (standard paper or plastic) is to take one of your fresh baked breads and cut in half. Place a half in the Freshness Paper     bag (fold over top of bag) and place the other half back in the original package.
Open, feel and
 taste the bread samples as your customers would do over the next few days.


Ideal solution which combines the natural look and feel of paper with the functionality of the latest flexible breathable technology.


—Crust stays crisp while the crumb remains soft.


Window allows to see the product at the point of sale.


Consumer will see your advertisement during the time of consuming because he will keep the bread in the packaging.

Amount of perforation in the coated paper and window can be developed to the needs of your bread programs to keep your bread crusty and not dried out.


Realize customer satisfaction, increased sales, and less shrink when your fresh baked products are packaged in our patented Freshness Bread Bags


—Applications: pre-made bags, automatic packaging, heat-able. 

Artisan bread, sandwiches, baguettes, croissants, pastery etc. 
























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