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The new packaging combines the natural look and feel of paper with the packaging characteristics of plastic. The packaging is microwaveable and oven safe up to 200° C / 400° F degrees.


How does it work: The packaging offers a clear anti mist window for product visibility. It is a tailored

solution for each customer/product by perforating the packaging according to needs.


Who can use it? The packaging offers the option of taking a frozen product and put it with the

packaging into an oven. This is a clear advantage in terms of esthetics and hygiene. The packaging

offers the option of selecting the position and width of the window. Moisture and oxygen permeability

are controlled to extend shelf life.


The Benefits: This packaging is ideal solution that can be used on a broad range of products, on

existing packaging machines. It can be delivered as reels for automatic packaging or as bags for hand

packaging. All food items that need to be reheated or cooked can be packaged: all baked goods,

vegetables and any combination of food that needs reheating.


The packaging combines product visibility with functionality through the added value of stylish

paper packaging.


—Variety  - Through its unique combination of materials this window packaging can go from freezer/refrigerator to oven and/or microwave (up to 400° Fahrenheit,  for up to 20 minutes)


—Saves time / Easy handling - Bakery employees, store operators and customers can simply use this packaging


—Resistance - Packaging is resistant to greases and oils


The packaging offers a vast range of flexible materials in different thickness to offer product differentiation.


The packaging is food approved by FDA and EC regulations.


This packaging will give your product an edge. 


Applications: Par baked products like artisan breads, sandwiches, baguettes, croissants, pastery etc.

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